Spring Fling Cont.
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More of the many very nice vehicles that were at Spring Fling 2002
We didn't want to leave anybody out, but there was so many cars and very little space for them.

How many trucks can you fit underneath of one Toyota?
The answer: 3 very nice mini's, bagged out and on the ground.

Silver Honda S-2000
This was a very nice example of Honda performance at it's best.
Everybody Limbo--- How low can you go?
Blake seems to think he can get lower, but I don't think so.
Very nice flame job!
Did you catch the brake covers?

Painted the same color as the truck w/flames

Another mini, Very nice Hombre!
He has a few things added to this truck, and a few things taken off of it.
Couple of Flame jobs
The flame grill is a very nice addition to the truck
Extreme paint job, nice scheme also
Nice truck from Acrophobia, good job guys!
This truck stands apart from others, when you paint the interior same as the exterior.